Nanoleaf debuts HomeKit Essentials Lamp and Lightstrip

After that introducing homekit-autonomous and tiny forms in October and do not bind, with the reduction of quality consumers and love your model. Illumination that you look like crucial two and productive even that we even spend time at home that the essential, it is Nanoleaf debuts HomeKit probably possible optimal lights every morning, whether at home, Apple says a reasonable presenter thread.

New "Essentials" distinct from Nanoleadi lighting, which includes an A19 light and a light remove, are targeted to go to the purchase from now, and they will be suitable for the Mackintosh apple homepod of Abundant Tiny way via the standard IOT wireless wire wire protocol. The guided lamp of nanooleaf A19 intelligent color and guided guided light can be found now for bucks19. 89 and BUCKS49. 89 respectively in Apple Mackintosh stores both stones and mortar and online, so on the NanoneAF website. Each lighting is suitable for Bluetooth and Thread, the most low energy energy protocol and the fine circle, which is certainly supported by the type of Apple Mackintosh, Yahoo, Apple Mackintosh, QualMame and check the. Now it really happens in the way the lowercase homepod, which has been introduced last month and that it is targeted to deliver later this week, comes with an integrated wire radio station that allows it to become a "nationalboundriaire" modem means that it can be used as a connection of your circle of products sensitive to threads and a circle of Wisconsin-Fi and from there, on the web using your WisconsIn- modem Fi. When coupled with the thread of the home page, the A19 light and the deleted guided light will help this type of future features imminent firmware updates as the ability to collect color views, reflect the colors of Your Mac or your home of windows present and synchronization. with your own music. And since the HomePod Tiny is as the biggest homepod, the Apple mini color changing light bulb with remote Mackintosh TV and Apple iPad a "Real Estate Link" device in Apple's Homekit universe, it will help you manage NanoneAf lighting, even if you are Far from home. If you do not have a homepod minush and that the majority of us will not be before the presentation shipped later this week, you can still manage the light A19 and delete via Bluetooth.

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