ASRock DeskMini A300 is a little pc with AMD Ryzen assistance

The sexiest of ASRock, only 6. times 6. times 3. Which potato output ASRock DeskMini A300 Ryzen with 65 TDP. What fascinates precisely with the new Match Mini computer chip, this modest Mini-STX 5 '' of modest dimensions, you must select a model with images. The DeskMini even offers ports, Universal Series 3. A Kind-A ports, a multimedia interface, VGA ports, as well as a Bluetooth headset port. The little one will probably be accessible since.

Dell has been able to create a powerful Windows 10 Glass unit by itself that can integrate all computing experiences into a single handset. Glass Windows 10 Mobile offers an x86 processor from Intel's Kaby Pond Y processor chipset, with 4GB or 8GB of RAM, 128GB or 256GB of storage and a microSD position for growth. It was reported that the company was launched in mid-2014 under the name of "Dell Stack" and focused on a 6.4-inch tablet designed to calculate less than 9 millimeters in depth and would be used to power the computers, laptops and tablets. In addition, it may be in the future with features such as an iris scanning device for Windows Glass Windows, the fingerprint certification is good. So ​​it's more a tablet smartphone. Just a few days, lost pictures of the phone appeared and provided some knowledge Oemgenuine laptop computers of what the company has planned for the phone. Dell was inspired by the idea of ​​combining all devices into one complete package to prevent many people from having to transfer their information from one device to another, or to publish them to the cloud for secure maintenance. or easy access. The device must always come with the Windows 10 Procession feature that allows a large promotional unit to connect to a larger external display and generate Dell to release a computer environment with a well-known taskbar, a start selection, etc. So far, Microsof has not considered Glass windows 10 as a complete mobile phone edition due to equipment limitations, but General Glass's Podium software UWP is a proven replacement.

Acer was tiny. Under the name for years, key about 64 GB of memory DDR4-2133, indicating that some models may request a phone or devices if they are placed at the top. Acer introduced a dump for Dice but .